443.075 (100Hz)

Analog FM/Fusion Digital Mixed Mode

This new repeater was put on the air November 2021 and has excellent indoor coverage throughout much of Blount and surrounding counties. Note, the repeater automatically supports Analog FM, Yaesu System Fusion Digital Narrow ( DN ) and Yaesu System Fusion Digital Wide ( VW ), plus Data ( JPEG picture ) send/recieve. The repeater is connected to the internet via RF through the K4EDD WiresX node.

With FM Mode, use a tone of 100.0 Hz. Please take special note the repeater also transmits 100.0 Hz and it has a zero hang time. Just "kurchunking" the repeater, users will not see or hear a tail. Zero hang time is needed to allow the repeater to be linked to the SMARC VHF repeater during nets.

This repeater is undergoing a test, and is linked via RF with the K4EDD-ND WiresX node in Fusion Digital Narrow ( DN ) to allow WiresX coverage to the area. It is not connected full time, but has to be "brought up" by pressing the "X" button on your Yaesu Digital radio, and from there, you can "steer" the repeater to whatever room you desire. The link remains active for 60 minutes and then disconnects and returns to "normal" AMS ( Automatic Mode Select ) operation if no one else uses the system, and is available for use in either analog FM OR Fusion Digital mode for local traffic.

Please note: if you hear traffic in DN mode, you don't have to do anything except press the PTT button to join in the QSO with whoever is on the repeater. Be aware that when the repeater is connected to WiresX, that you will hear QSO's from folks out of state, or around the world, and also be aware that they hear you as well. 

For more information on WiresX operation, please consult the WIRESX manual for your particular radio. Or you can look up your radio and download the WiresX manual for your radio at www.yaesu.com