Meeting Minutes

August 2019

MINUTES OF THE AUGUST 2019 SMARC MEETING The Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club met at 7:00 PM, 08/26/19 at the USW Union Hall with Bob, KK4XA presiding. There were 29 members and 3 visitors present. Bob recognized visitors who were: Dr. Larry Perry, K4EFV; Don Mills, K1VX and Doug Harrill, KN4RYB Bob asked those present to state their name and call sign, going around the room. Bob reminded everyone to sign the log-in sheets on the clip board on the table by the door. Bob mentioned about members with health care issues: George Romer, W3GLR who is at home recovering from a fall. Wayne Houser, WV4TN who is at the Life Care Center, room 120. Wayne is having foot surgery. Bob mentioned that Steve and Dee Carpenter are both ill and not able to attend the meeting. Bob mentioned upcoming events for the club; · Friday AM breakfast gathering at TC’s Grill at 9:00 am for all who would like to attend. · The informal 2 meter net on the club repeater daily at 9:00 AM except on Friday. · The club net on the club repeater frequency, 146.655- which is every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm local time. · Melvin, WB5KSM added that volunteers are needed to act as NCS for the net. · The upcoming VE testing session to be held at the St. Andrew’s Church fellowship Hall. The time is 7:00 PM and the date is 9/9/18 · The annual SMARC BBQ and parking lot tailgate to take place on 9/23/18 which takes the place of the monthly club meeting. · Technician Class led by Paul Galentine, KM4LSM on 9/5 and 9/6 with VE testing to follow on 9/7 at 9:00 AM · Possible SMARC picnic at Metcalf Bottoms in the park. Information to follow when arrangements are completed. · Upcoming tailgate hamfest in Sweewater, TN scheduled for 9/28. Talk-in on 145.25 repeater. Carroll, W4PCA told about an upcoming code class for anyone interested in learning the Morse Code. Those interested were to see Carroll after the meeting and provide an E-mail address to be contacted with the date and location for the class. Bob mentioned that Randy, K4RDJ has turned over the treasurer’s job back to Carroll who will remain the club treasurer. With elections coming up in 2020, a new secretary will be needed. Carroll read the treasurers report with $3030.88 in the club account. There is around $725 in the antenna fund. Larry, W6UB told about the upcoming TN QSO party and asked that members participate in getting on the air to make contacts. Before the program a short break was taken for drinks and cookies. The program for the evening was presented by Dr. Larry Perry, K4EFV. Dr. Perry has had a career in teaching at the university level, been involved in commercial broadcast engineering and is a registered PE. Dr. Perry’s program subject was grounding procedures for towers and station equipment. He had a larges screen, projector and sound system to use with his computer to show the members pictures and drawings of grounding set-ups. At the conclusion of the program he provided a one page hand-out for each member to take home. In addition to the program on grounding, Dr. Perry had several pictures of wildlife he had taken in his additional hobby of photography. The meeting closed at 9:10 PM

July 2019

The Smoky Mountain Amateur Radio Club met at 7:00 PM, 07/22/19 at the USW Union Hall with Bob, KK4XA presiding. There were 28 members and 4 visitors present. The visitors were: Kelley Gunter, KR4FK; Tim Berry, WB4GBI; Don Moore, K4HVJ and George Gill Bob welcomed the members to the meeting, telling that the main purpose was to give a report on the club 2019 Field Day activity. Bob mentioned that the projector and screen were set up to scroll through the many pictures taken at this year’s Field Day Bob reported that a former club member, Mike Kirchoff, W2OO had become a silent key. He mentioned that checking on QRZ would show Mike’s obituary and biography. Bob also reported that club member George Roemer, W3GLR is recovering from a fall and is doing well. Regarding upcoming events, Bob said that there will be a tailgate hamfest in Sweetwater on Sept. 28th. A call-in can be had on the W4YJ 145.25 repeater. Steve, K4DXV mentioned that the SEDCO Convention is coming up in September on the 20th and 21st. in Pigeon Forge. Bob reminded everyone about the SMARC weekly net Thursday’s at 7:00 pm on the club repeater and the Friday morning breakfast at TC’s Grill. Bob said that he is starting a morning roll call on the club repeater at 9:00 AM Monday through Friday and he would be on in the morning. Steve, K4DXV told about the Scout Jamboree presently being held near Beckley, WV. He also mentioned that club members who were or had been involved in scouting were welcome to provide some experiences that could be included in the club newsletter. He said members can email him at Bob announced that the club is giving an honorary membership to Tim Berry, WB4GBI for his work for ham radio in maintaining several repeaters in the area and allowing the club use of his 146.625 repeater in case of the club repeater being out of service. An honorary membership is also given to Kelley Gunter for his work in being a liaison between the club and the Steelworkers and the club Randy read the treasurer’s report with $2992.89 in the club account with $442 set aside in the UHF antenna fund. He detailed some of the recent expenses for Field Day such as the new signs, bandpass filers and gas for the generators. Carroll reported that the next VE session will be held September 9th. The last session for the year will be December 9th. The date is always the second Monday of the month. The location and time is the St. Andrew’s Church hall on East Broadway at 7:00 PM. Bob mentioned some possible non-club activities to think about. One would be a family picnic gathering at Metcalf Bottoms in the park. Another would be a trip up to the Tapoco Lodge for a meal gathering. He said to “Stay tuned” for any information. Paul Ballentine, KM4LSM who is a scout leader told about starting a Technician training class for scouts who are interested in getting their ham license. The location would be the Blount Christian Church. Steve, K4DXV asked for a motion to compensate the students for the exam fee. After some discussion his motion was amended to provide a one year free membership in the club for any student who was successful in getting licensed. The motion passed. A short break for drinks and eats was taken prior to the program for the evening. Bob said that the club owed a special thanks to Kurt, KC4NX for all the work to make this year’s Field Day a success. He also thanked others who helped with set up the antennas, operating the stations and being involved in the food for the weekend. The program for the evening was provided by Dave Kaun, N9KMY. The subject of the program was this years Field Day. He had several pictures in a Power Point program. Dave, along with Kurt answered any questions during the program. There was some discussion regarding how to set up the CW station in the future to minimize interference problems between the two CW stations which are housed in the trailer having the antenna cables in close proximity and the stations powered by the same generator. The meeting closed at 8:45 PM

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